Hispanic and African American Millennials Redefining Luxury
Category: Cultural
11 Sep

Reaching Next-Gen African American Consumers

As a cultural strategist, I am often struck by the lack of information and insight around next-generation black consumers. This is missed opportunity. There is money to be made, social currency to gain and brand relevance to enhance by understanding…

26 Feb

African-American Brand Loyalty Insights

We’ve been busy over the past few weeks researching purchasing trends in the African American market, and we thought we’d share some of what we found with you! Looking for info on the Hispanic market? Check out our past blog…

16 Jan

Hispanic Marketing: U.S. Hispanic Population Growth

Hispanic Marketing: The U.S. Hispanic Population Growth explosion shows one-in-six living in the United States identifies as Hispanic and the Hispanic population experienced 56% growth from 2010-2014, as represented in the LimeGreen infographic here. Despite a buying power approaching $1.5…

19 Nov

Google Cardboard Test Drive and Review

Late July of this year, Google released their first Google Cardboard virtual reality (VR) headset. Two months later I was introduced to the cardboard device by a member of the LimeGreen design team. And then again in late September in Chicago, I attended a Google-hosted…

27 Oct

Kia Selects LimeGreen for African-American Marketing

(October 16, 2014) Kia Motors America announced it has retained Chicago-based LimeGreen, LLC, to support its corporate initiatives targeting the African American market. The agency’s responsibilities are expected to expand to include other multicultural consumers. “The entire LimeGreen family is…

20 Oct

Detroit Global Auto Summit Multicultural Debate

Last week I had the opportunity to attend and participate in the Rainbow PUSH 2014 Global Auto Summit in Detroit. It was an incredibly insightful experience. During the Summit, as you can imagine many important topics were debated, both about…