1- Extreme Accessorizing with Metal:  This year, my mind was blown by the intricacy and creativity in metal accessories. The metal accessories fit perfectly with the Afrofuturistic fashion on display.

metal2 Metal

2 – Body Positive: What was witnessed at Afro Punk was a rebellion against the shaming culture that is so common within mainstream publications and media. There were numerous displays of body acceptance in all forms.

body2 body1

3 – Statement Tees: The snark and political statements made on the t-shirts of many attendees was LIT. People were making smart statements all around with their tees.

tshirt2 tshirt 1

4 – Re-creation of the Snapchat Crown with Fresh Flowers: Flowers and Butterflies were all in the hair at Afro Punk 2016! The flower crown was jacked from the digital Snapchat filter and brought to life in 3-D.

crown2 crown1

5 – The Spirit of Keith Haring in African Face Art: Two years ago, Fela Kuti’s queens seemed to be an inspiration for many of the Afro Punk attendees with the face paint they were sporting, but this year, the African face painting was even more exquisite. This time it was as if the late and great street artist Keith Haring resurfaced to create his art on many of the faces and bodies at Afro Punk 2016.