As Communications Chair on board of EO Chicago, I get the chance to work with other entrepreneurs, discussing how they run their businesses, how they handle staffing or financing challenges, etc., and the similarities are as fascinating as the differences. Inc. recently contacted us in putting together a list of criteria or guiding principles in finding the right business partner (my business partner, Michon Ellis and I started LimeGreen together 10 years ago this month). Included is a snippet:

We asked members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) to share how they were able to find a business partner who was the best fit for them.

Share the Ultimate Goal: “Alignment on the end-game is crucial. What is the ultimate goal of the company? Is it to create a lifestyle business or to generate revenue and sell on? The beginning of those trails can often look very similar to entrepreneurs, but they can diverge quickly if the destinations are not aligned. If you can constructively discuss your core values and outcome from the outset while figuring how they will play out in a variety of situations, it could make all the difference!” – Mike Stratta, EO Chicago/Executive Vice President, LimeGreen

See the rest of the article in Inc. HERE.