A great article citing Nielsen research on Multicultural segments. It’s research we know at LimeGreen, and as marketers often the challenge for brands is put data to the trend and examine tangible metrics. Often the sentiment is “we know we should be paying more attention” to “Multicultural”, but only in light of real data and examining trends does it become actionable. Read the entire article here:

Nielsen’s report, ‘Listen Up: Music and The Multicultural Consumer,’ notes that the multicultural population, about 37% of the population and growing, is 17% Hispanic, 14% African-American and 5% Asian American…On average, per Nielsen Music 360, multicultural Americans spend $7 more on music than the total population — $111 per year versus $104, or 31% of the total spent on music. And they over-index for using YouTube as a digital-music discovery channel..” Read the Original article HERE: