10 Phrases You Use That Are Killing Your Business. FORBES: Words are interesting means of communication. Even under the best of circumstances with the most knowledgeable wordsmiths involved, a simple conversation can result in a disastrous misunderstanding. Sometimes the tools we use to transmit are at fault. Tone can get lost via email. Words can be hard to understand when one or both parties are on mobile phones in noisy areas… One of the phrases I’m trying to remove from my speech is “Like I said…” I might use this when someone asks me a question I have already answered, as in “Like I said, the Snickers bars are in the freezer.” There is a potential translation for this phrase. It is “Like I said, you forgetful idiot, the Snickers bars are in the freezer.”

Here are the top 10 commonly used phrases which, if you or anyone on your team is using, might be destroying your business, and you may not even know it. Included are loose translations of the phrases, and better alternative language to use.

1. “In my experience…” The rude translation is, “I know more than you,” or “My experience trumps yours.” Rather than making any statement, perhaps asking the question “Have you considered…” is the better way to go. Submitted by Michon EllisLimeGreen.

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