Check out our latest work to support Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s fight against illegal tobacco sales in Chicago. As an agency partner for the city, LimeGreen created the overall theme and consumer engagement that includes a cash reward program, billboard and public transportation awareness ads as well as a supporting website (

Here are some examples of what media outlets are saying:

WGN News ANCHOR: Mayor Emanuel and the health department are offering a reward to help stop illegal sales of cigarettes, which frequently end up in the hands of underage smokers. The Check the Stamps Program offers $100 to anyone who helps stop sales of cigarettes not bearing government tax stamps. Illegal sales can be reported to the city’s 311 non-emergency line or on the website,

CBS2 News ANCHOR: Chicago’s effort to cut down teen smoking is getting a lot of attention on the web. 80,000 people logged into check the during its first day. If you see illegal cigarette sales call 311 or report it on the website. If your tip leads to conviction you may get a $100 reward. The CDC says Chicago’s teen smoking rate is 10.7%, 5 points lower than the national average

TRIBUNE: Chicagoans who report sales of illegal smokes could be in for a payday. A new city program, to be launched today by the mayor and the Chicago Department of Public Health, offers $100 cash rewards to people who alert inspectors to illicit tobacco sales. The effort targets untaxed cigarettes, tobacco sold to minors and cigarettes sold individually. Officials framed the program as a way to help stop teens from smoking, keep taxes flowing into government coffers and protect honest businesses from being undercut by shady retailers. “We know that kids are the most price-sensitive consumers, so we want to make sure retailers are selling cigarettes at the price they’re supposed to be selling it,” said Dr. Bechara Choucair, the city health department commissioner.